Denmark sells Northern Estonia to the Teutonic Order

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Kings of Denmark had considered selling their lands in Northern Estonia for some time, as the province was too loosely tied to motherland, and local vassals, who formed the Noble Corporation of Harrien-Wironia, and later Estonia, held very wide privileges. By 1330s, Denmark was facing the threat of collapse, as the throne had remained empty for several years, and number of its lands had been pawned to other landlords.

Valdemar IV Atterdag, the restorer of the country, decided to sell Estonia to ease financial problems. By 1343, negotiations were held with several parties, but then the uprising took place. The Livonian Order took advantage of this, invaded Northern Estonia and quickly captured most of the significant forts. Thus, Valdemar IV was left with nothing else but to sell Estonia to the Order. In 1346, the Teutonic Order bought it, and in 1347 gave it to the Livonian Order. This ended the first longer era of Danish rule in Estonia.

Source: Sulev Vahtre. Jüriöö: [1343. aasta ülestõus]. Tallinn: Eesti Raamat, 1980.

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