Beginning of the battle

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19. November 1700 time 14:00

The battle was started by the Swedish artillery to which the Russians responded with their own firing back. At two during day two signal rockets raised into the sky upon the devise "with the help of the God", the general incursion of the Swedish troops started. The battlefield was filled with the gunpowder smoke.

During the battle the unexpected weather change became decisive when suddenly the fierce snow storm started. Due to the strong western wind the blizzard blew from behind the backs of the Swedes, but right into the face of the Russians, by making the visibility of shooting-range zero. The Swedes gave a strong salvo and invaded into the Russian fortifications.
The merciless hand fighting followed, where every enemy met was killed. After the snow storm the Russian defence line was cut through in three places, the panic escape of the Russian horse cavalry started over the narrowest place of River Narva, 400 metres above the waterfall.

The strong flow took most of the men with horses down to the waterfall. Only the footmen lead by general Weide was successful to secure their defence line in the stone-pit behind the defence line and stay at defence. The Russian footmen were also in panic and tried to escape to the other coast of the river over the bridge of Kamperholm. The bridge was not strong enough and broke.

The Russian guard troops remained at the defence line, but started to kill in rage the foreign officers and their women accused of defeat. The commander-in-chief de Croy, being terrified of such behaviour, decided to give himself in to the Swedes together with the remaining Germans. The guard troops of Preobraženski and Semjonovski held out up to the darkness of the night.

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