The crusaders reach Central Estonia

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October 1211

Similarly to the Oeselians, Revalians and people from Wiek, also Saccalians and Ugaunians continued to fight the Germans. They gathered a great army, and attacked Latgalians. Numerous were killed, and eventually the army came to the Beverin fort. There were unsuccessful attempts to set it on fire.

Estonian raids frightened Latgalians, who turned to the town of Riga. In autumn of 1211, a larger party of crusaders, Livonians and Latgalians was put together, which started to advance towards the northern parishes of Saccalia. The attack came unexpectedly to the locals, but they were able to flee and organize a defense. The raid moved along to Nurmekunde county, in their return they torched Lembitu's fort in Leole (Lõhavere), in the northern parts of Saccalia.

In January 1212, the bishops put together a great army from crusaders, Livonians and Latgalians. It was lead by the bishop of Estonia, Teoderich. The army moved through Ugandi, county that had suffered greatly, towards Joentagana, and from there to Vaiga, Järvamaa, Mõhu and Nurmekunde counties. After serious pillage, the army retreated to Lake Võrtsjärve, and from there it went home.

Source: Sulev Vahtre. Muinasaja loojang Eestis: vabadusvõitlus 1208-1227. Tallinn: Olion. 1990
Eesti ajaloo atlas. Tallinn: Avita, 2006. 

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