The Danish attempt to establishing a strong point in Saaremaa.

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September 1222

From 1220, the Brotherhood started to place their own men to the forts of Saccalia and Ugaunia, bailiffs were appointed and they started to collect taxes.

For the following two years, military activities were limited to pushing back Russian raids and attacking the latter in return.

The only area left unconquered in Estonia was Saaremaa.
In either summer or autumn of 1222, Danish king Valdemar II landed in Saaremaa, and started to build a stone fort.

The first attack of the Oeselians was pushed back, and after that the king returned to Denmark. At the same time, the Oeselians were eagerly preparing for an attack, sending help requests even to the mainland. In Varbola, they learned to build paterells (see image), as some had been left to Varbola as a present. Oeselians built 17 siege engines in Saaremaa. With the help of these, another advance was made on the Danish fort, and it was bombarded for 5 days, nonstop. Eventually, the defenders had to accept the offer of the Oeselians to leave the fort behind, and leave freely. After they had left, the fort razed to the ground.

Source: Sulev Vahtre. Muinasaja loojang Eestis: vabadusvõitlus 1208-1227. Tallinn: Olion. 1990
Eesti ajaloo atlas. Tallinn: Avita, 2006.                                                                                                   

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