The dividing of Estonia and Modena Wilhelm

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By the fall of 1224, all of mainland Estonia was ruled by the crusaders. Riga received requests for peace from all over Estonia. Already before Tartu had been conquered, bishop Albert and the crusaders had divided the land: Wiek went to the bishop, the Order got Saccalia and Lihula and bishop Hermann received Ugaunia. Latter settled in Otepää and begun to convert the Ugaunian parishes.
Next, he moved Tartu, it became bishops residence and the site of the Dome Church, thus giving the name to the whole bishopric.

The Brotherhood fortified their position in Viljandi fort, parish priests were appointed. Estonians had to pay taxes. Of the smaller counties of Central Estonia, the Brotherhood received also Nurmekunde, Mõhu and Northern Vaiga. Southern part went to the bishop of Tartu (Dorpat).

In spring of 1225, legate of the pope, bishop of Modena, Wilhelm (also Guglielmo, Guillelmus), arrived at the newly christened Estonia. He updated himself with the recent events, visited newly baptized people and tried to settle the quarrel between the Danish and the Germans over Northern Estonia: first armed conflict between those two sides happened in fall of 1225.

Wilhelm cleared the confusion by creating a buffer state out of Wiek, Harrien, Järvamaa and Wironia, a state would answer to the pope's rule. His magistrate Johannes (Giovanni) was appointed its governor. In spring 1226, Wilhelm left Livonia, the buffer state collapsed soon after.

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