Vajala fort surrenderes and the Oeselians are christened

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February 1227

After Muhu, the crusaders advanced to the strongest fort on Saaremaa, Valjala fort.

The area was plundered, and the crusaders begun to prepare for the siege. After seeing what had happened in Muhumaa, Oeselians understood that resistance is not a smart thing to do, and thus offered peace to the Germans.

After they had received the sons of the Oeselian elders as hostages, the Germans accepted the peace offer. It was followed by overall christening of Oeselians; for this other elders of the Oeselians arrived from other parishes (see image).

Thus, also Saaremaa had been conquered and all of Estonia was ruled by the crusaders.

Surrender of Valjala marked the end of the Baltic Crusade, but the resistance of the Estonians was far from over. Saaremaa saw several uprisings during the XIII century, and the final climax of Estonian resistance was the St. George's Night Uprising, in the middle of XIV century.

Image: graving of Friedrich Ludwig von Maydell "Bishop Albert christens the Oeselians" (1842) in the art collection of the Library of the University of Tartu.

Source: Sulev Vahtre. Muinasaja loojang Eestis: vabadusvõitlus 1208-1227. Tallinn: Olion. 1990
Eesti ajaloo atlas. Tallinn: Avita, 2006.                                                                                                      

Image source:

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