Germans capture Võnnu

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06. June 1919

In the morning of June 6, the Landeswehr troops began to move towards Võnnu, to capture an important strong point in front Volmaris. Town's only defenders were two Estonian armored trains and Latvian 2nd Võnnu Regiment. It took few days for the main forces of the 3rd Division of People's Army to get to Võnnu. Hence, the Landeswehr decided to attack and the defenders had to retreat.

Germans captured Võnnu.

In the morning of June 8, the People's Army made their first attempt to regain Võnnu. The enemy, however, had built strong defense positions and gave a heavy blow in the afternoon, forcing the Estonians to pull back. On June 9, the Landeswehr initiated another fierce assault, which was repelled.

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