The Battle of Võnnu begins

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19. June 1919

On June 17 and 18, the leader of the Landeswehr, major Alfred Fletcher, presented two radiograms, where a demand was made in the name of Niedra's government to, among other things, bring the defensive front back 10 km northwards.

Estonian commandeers did not answer these ultimatums and decided to wait and see. On June 19, German Iron Division began an assault the western part of the front, advancing to Lemsalu and Roopa.

Fierce attacks continued on June 20, which began to directly threaten Lemsalu, as the Division came to only 5 km from the town. Estonians offered fierce resistance and managed to push the Germans back. A small setback was when the Iron Division captured weakly defended Roopa borough, but did not break through the front. The Iron Division, on the other hand, suffered quite large losses.

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