The assault on Volmari is broken

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22. June 1919

In the morning of June 22, the People's Army, with the help of reserves, began its assault near Loode railway station, the Germans were ultimately pushed behind Rauna River and thus the Landeswehr's attack on Volmari was stopped.

Intense fighting continued on the eastern bank of Rauna River, but Estonians drove the Germans back. In the western part of the front Estonian forces were advancing from Lemsalu, but units of the Iron Division were continuously attacking Estonian defense positions near Roopa. Ultimately, Estonians were able to give the Germans a decisive blow, and the Iron Division began to retreat on the night of June 22.
The leadership of the German VI Reserve Corps gave the order to bring the troops of the Iron Division gathered around Väinalinn (Daugavpils) back to Koiva River, but this maneuver took time. Hence, general Goltz gave the order to retreat, which began in the night of June 22.

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