Political situation in Petrograd intensifies

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25. August 1917

In the summer of 1917, the situation was intensifying in the capital city, Petrograd (St. Petersburg). At the same time, the influence of the Bolsheviks was increasing all over the Russia, and Estonia was no exeption.

In July, protests took place all over the country, demanding that the soviets (workers councils) would seize the power. In return, the Russian Provisional Government organized raids to the editorials of the radical newspapers. Also, change in the leadership took place - Alexander Keresnky (see image) became the new chairman. 

In army, death penalty was established, making the Provisional Government even less popular among the soldiers and marines. During the summer, more and more suspensions of work took place; the problems in the rural areas kept escalating. The Bolshevik party congress, taking place in July and August, decided to organize a coup at the first opportunity.


In August 1917, with the help of general Lavr Kornilov, Kerensky tried to carry out a coup, but Kornilov seized the initiative on August 25 (September 7). Kerensky disclosed Kornilov's plans, and the whole Petrograd garrison, the Baltic Fleet and majority of the army turned against this military act. On August 30 (September 12) Kerensky became the commander-in-chief of the army. Around that time, he and his Provisional Government started to loose their popularity among the military.

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