Bolshevik power seize in Estonia

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23. October 1917

The decision to bring all the power to the hands of the Soviets was passed by the Soviets of Estonian Workers and Soldiers in September-October.

In the October 22 (November 4), Estonian War- and Revolutionary Committee was formed, lead by Ivan Rabchinsky.

On the October 23 (November 5) 1917, orders to seize the power arrived from Petrograd. Already by evening, the revolutionary forces had captured the railway stations, post and telegraph offices.

This continued on the following day. On October 25 (November 7) the Estonian War- and Revolutionary Committee prohibited the leaders of Tallinn Naval Fort to follow Kerensky's orders and send additional forces to Petrograd; commanders were captured and placed under house arrest. On the following day, the leadership of the Naval Fort supported the coup. On October 25 and 26 (November 7 and 8), the power was seized in Tartu and Narva.

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