Power transition from the governorate leadership to the Bolsheviks.

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27. October 1917

On October 26, the Estonian War- and Revolutionary Committee announced, that the Provisional Government had been overthrown, and all the power is now in the hands of the Soviet's Government.

Decision to overthrow the governorate commissaries and leaders of the local councils was passed.

Jaan Poska transferred the power to the Estonian War- and Revolutionary Committee on October 27 (November 9) with a written document, confirmed by the edict of the commissaries Viktor Kingissepp (see image) and Erast Meister. With this, over a short period of time, another bloodless power change had happened in Estonia.

Fierce protests begun in the media, but the Bolsheviks temporarily closed down all Tallinn's bourgeois newspapers. In November, the Bolshevik rule was enforced in Pärnu, Viljandi, Võru and Valga.

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