Christoph, the coadjutor candidate, arrives to Livonia

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November 1555

Christoph, the young duke of Mecklenburg, arrived in Livonia in November 1555. The routes for his travels had been thoroughly discussed beforehand, and he was travel through Lithuania and go to Koknese, to the archbishop, right away. This way his route passed through Order's territory very briefly.

Similarly to archbishop Wilhelm, also Christoph was Lutheran, and preferred to live secular life. This created a lot of reluctance in Livonia, as people began to fear that Christoph could influence the archbishop of Riga, turn the bishopric into a secular domain and thus split up Old-Livonia. Even Wilhelm's subordinates, the chapter and Nobility Corporation of the bishopric of Riga, hesitated to swear their loyalty to Christoph, waiting until January 1556. The chapter, mostly Catholic, refused to acknowledge Christoph as the coadjutor even after that, not before other classes in Livonia gave their assent.

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