Revolts in Estonia

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Farmers were very discontented directly after the new laws had been passed, and a revolt took place in 1805. In Estonia, the uprising was related to new regulations on nighttime thresh: in several places, people refused to do it, and even stood up against the military.

Largest revolt in Estonia happened in Kose-Uuemõisa, where about 500 farmers attacked 100 soldiers; people were hurt and killed on both sides.

Situation was no different in Livonia, forcing the land lords to pass even more peasantry favoring laws, and eventually leading to abolition of serfdom. In Estonia, small changes happened already in 1805, when the nighttime thresh was regulated; in Livonia some rules were changed in 1809, but these were not fundamental.

Source: Eesti ajalugu. IV: Põhjasõjast pärisorjuse kaotamiseni, lk-d 203–211.

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