People from Pihkva attack the bishopric of Dorpat

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26. May 1343

According to the chronicle, roughly around the time when the Order was campaigning in Harjumaa, two Estonians went to Pihkva to invite the Russians to attack Livonians, claiming that Order's forces had been defeated in Northern Estonia.

It is unclear, whether the Estonians really went to Russia, but sources confirm that Russians organized a campaign to Otepää in the end of May. Order's army in Southern Estonia was small at that time, so they were unable to offer real resistance for about five days.

On June 1, however, two armies met near the border of Pihkva county. The real outcome of this battle is unclear, both sides declared themselves victorious. However, confrontation on the eastern border continued to escalate, thus the Order had to move its forces there, granting the Estonians a new chance to continue with the revolt.

Source: Sulev Vahtre. Jüriöö: [1343. aasta ülestõus]. Tallinn: Eesti Raamat, 1980.

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