Lowest temperatures in Estonia

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17. January 1940

On the night of January 16, 1940, temperature fell below -43,5 C in Jõgeva.

Since 1866, when Tartu observatory began to systematically measure weather temperatures, such a temperature had not been measured in Estonia yet. This record is still unbeaten. It is very likely, that it has been even colder before, but back then weather temperatures were not measured.
"Sunday evening was thaw and around 6 o'clock yesterday morning, -1 C was measured on Vilsandi Island, but by 10 AM temperature had fallen down to -14 C, and at Narva-Jõesuu -30 C was measured around 9AM," wrote Postimees.

School was canceled - students were allowed to stay at home when the temperature dropped below -25 C, -21 for younger children attending elementary school. "On their way to school, pupils felt the cold stinging their noses and ears. As Sunday had been a relatively warm day in Tartu, most of the children went out, thinking the nice weather continued."
Official record measured that January night 43,5 degrees C below zero, even colder in some places. "In Petseri railway station, thermometer showed -50 C, what is more, this was the lowest the thermometer could go," wrote Postimees. Newspaper Päevaleht, on the other hand, doubted the accuracy of the thermometer which had measure -50 C.
Even vodka froze. "A cartload of vodka, which had been brought to Petseri railway station to be placed to the Petseri storehouse froze over. Town government, as the owner of the storehouse, asked the tax authorities whether the vodka has to be discarded or could it be sold. They were told to sell the vodka, if the caps had not moved."

 Source: Pekka Erelt http://paber.ekspress.ee/viewdoc/8855E27DF2DAC398C225768D00534DAA


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