The first people in Estonia

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10000 BC

After ice drew back the first hunters and people collecting nature products who settled the coasts of the water bodies travelled here from the Estonian territory. These people were the carriers of the culture of Kunda belonging to the Middle Stone Age (Mesoliticum). Kunda culture reached from Southern Finland to Northern Poland and Byelorussia and from the Baltic Sea to North-eastern Russia.

The origin of the people of Kunda culture is obscure and there are no certain data on that where they came from and which is their language and ethnical background. It has been assumed that the people of Kunda culture could have been the ancestry of the Finno-Ugric. Kunda culture was followed by the Early Neolithic Narva culture in Estonia, the carriers of which were probably the direct successors of the people of Kunda culture.

On the photo: Kunda Lammasmägi


Aivar Kriiska, Andres Tvauri. Eesti muinasaeg. Avita 2002

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