People during the culture of comb pottery

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4000 BC

The culture of comb pottery reached from Northern Finland up to Latvia and from the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea up to Karjala and Novgorod. It is unclear to which extent this spread with the resettlement of the people.

The co-impact of the transfer of local development and cultural phenomena with the peoples' migration is considered probable. As one of the focal areas in creating the comb pottery culture was Karjala, one can assume that when the new settlers came to Estonia, these were probably Finno-Ugric people.

It could not be told at the moment how close they were with the people of Narva culture following Kunda culture in this case.

On the photo: Pieces of typical comb pottery from Valma settlement


Aivar Kriiska, Andres Tvauri. Eesti muinasaeg. Avita 2002

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