Period of Swedes

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No major migration of the Swedes to Estonia took place. Only some land purchases of the Swedish noblemen in Estonia are worth mentioning, although many of these did not actually come to live in Estonia.

The situation of the coastal Swedes having already lived in Estonia became worse, as they were started to compare more with the Estonian peasants.

The Swedish state power had probably the biggest impact on Estonia instead of the Swedish language and culture which at the end of the 17th century quite successfully fought against the supreme power of the Baltic German nobleman.

On the photo. Map of Livonia and Kuramaa from the XVII century


Jüri Viikberg. Eesti rahvaste raamat. Eesti entsüklopeediakirjastus: Tallinn 1999;
Ilmar Talve. Eesti kultuurilugu. Keskaja algusest Eesti iseseisvuseni. Ilmamaa: Tartu 2004

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