The Baltic German bloom

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The Russian German provinces such as Estonia and Latvia areas were sometimes called were the Russian parts with extensive autonomy.

The local German minority had preserved its language and culture and position in the society during the years and now enjoyed the full local governmental power which was called the Baltic Special Order. The leading role in the reign of the Baltic provinces and economic life also involved the bloom of the Baltic German culture.

The local Germans dealt with literature, painting, architecture and music and this all by following the examples of Germany. The share of the Baltic Germans in the Estonian population did not increase and started to decrease from the second half of XIX century compared to the Estonians and finally also with the Russians.

On the photo: Riisipere manor

Jüri Viikberg. Eesti rahvaste raamat. Eesti entsüklopeediakirjastus: Tallinn 1999

Pildiallikas: Vikipeedia

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