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The largest national group on the eastern coasts of River Narva within the composition of Estonia according to Tartu peace contract, i.e. Estonian -Ingermanland was the Finnish of Ingermanland, i.e. the Ingrian Finnish who were settled down in Ingermanland from the XVII century.
Already since the end of 1920s the repressions hit the citizens of Ingermanland having belonged to the Soviet Union.

During WW II the German army evacuated most of the Ingrian Finnish through Estonia to Finland where they were mostly given out to the Soviet Union. When returned back, they were deported to Central Russia from where they quietly escaped towards the west, Estonia and Karjala.

They were allowed to return to Ingermanland only in the second half of the 1950s. A number of the Ingrian Finnish remained in Estonia already during the war, but most of the Estonian Finnish moved to Finland, but even now a couple of thousand of Finnish live in Estonia, most of whom are of the Ingrian Finnish origin.

On the photo: Ingrian flag

Jüri Viikberg. Eesti rahvaste raamat. Eesti entsüklopeediakirjastus: Tallinn 1999

Pildiallikas: Vikipeedia


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