Lowest temperature in 2010 in Tallinn

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27. January 2010

On the night of January 27, 2010 the coldest temperature in Tallinn's history was was recorded - 26,1 C below zero.

In addition, this was the first official day off due to cold of 2010. "After last night's cold, the schools are empty, few brave and eager to learn are present and they are not sent home. There was -31 degrees C near Laupa middle school in the early morning, which rose few degrees by the time the children got there. The head of the school told newspaper "Maaleht", that out 88 pupils 11 came to school and they will stay there at least until the lunch break."

Source: http://www.maaleht.ee/news/uudised/elu/esimene-toeline-kulmapuha-tegi-koolides-puhta-too.d?id=28769225&l=fplead


Image source: http://www.habsot.ee/pilt/talv.jpg

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