Jõgeva, the capital of cold

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24. January 2010

The coldest moment of 2010 was measured in Jõgeva on the night of January 25, when the temperature fell to -32,4 C.

The lowest temperatures in Estonia have been recorded in the eastern part of the country, which are characterized by continental climate. Jõgeva often competes with Võru, Värska, Valga, Mustvee, Narva, and some other eastern regions.

The relief of the landscape has its role to play, as on silent clear nights, heavier cold air flows down from the higher areas to lower ones. Here the observatory in Jõgeva has an upper hand, as it is located on the left bank of Pedja River, in a deep valley when looked from Laiuse hill (the difference in absolute heights in more than 70 m). Due to the relief, significantly lower temperatures have been recorded in Kuusiku observatory, located westwards, as the cold air flows towards Konnuvere River, where the station is located.

Jõgeva has earned its name as the capital of cold, as Estonia's cold records and some other extremely low temperatures have been recorded here.

Source: http://www.kylmalinn.ee/ilmast.html


Image source: http://y.delfi.ee/norm/129413/8195831_xWozaL.jpeg

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