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13.06.2011 23:48:09

Being operational for 17 month, achieved 3 local awards (Grand Prize at Science Popularization Award, Best Estonian e-service, National Design Award) and one important recognition from worldwide competition (6th place from WSA contest out of more than 100 competing projects), we feel that Histrodamus is almost ready to expand.

We will prepare new "HistrodamusWorld" within next 3-5 month (basically current Histrodamus with World map) and looking for partners from every country in order to coordinate content creation, promotion, monetization (if possible or needed) and other activities.

All interested persons or organizations can contact us and give little introduction about themselves - why are they interested in working with Histrodamus and how would they create value to our common project. Contact e-mail is: jaanus@eestiajalugu.ee

Please, feel free to raise all issues or questions regarding our call for action in here, in this Forum. That will be the easiest way to answer or solve the questions so that all interested persons will know about these.

This post will not expire, so feel free to contact us anytime. Just be aware that we will mostly select just one partner from every country to work with us, so time for signing up is not endless.


All the best,


Jaanus Vihand

Founder and CEO   

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