August Wilhelm Hupel is born

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14. February 1737

August Wilhelm Hupel was born in the dukedom of Buttelstedt, in Saxe-Weimar. His father, Christian Friedrich was a local deacon and pastor of Weiden; his mother Barbara Christiana von Spankau was, unlike to his father, a noble. The fact, that Hupel family was well respected in Buttelstedt is shown by the fact that local land lord, Ernst August Friedrich von Göschhausen became August Wilhelm's godfather, who supported his godson during latter's life. Initially, August Hupel was taught at home; aside his father, friends of the family, wife and daughter of captain von Spiess taught him.

Source: Indrek Jürjo. Liivimaa valgustaja August Wilhelm Hupel 1737-1819. Tallinn: Riigiarhiiv, 2004.

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