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12. October 1917

In July and August, local elections took place in Estonian towns and municipalities. With the addition of the representatives of town councils, the Provincial Assembly now consisted of 62 delegates.

On September 25, the Bolsheviks proposed to disband the Provincial Assembly, as supposedly the representative body did not represent the real power balance in Estonia. Even though this was supported by the majority of left wing parties, the decision making was postponed until Estonian Constituent Assembly had met.

On September 26, the work on the new governing law begun. The draft of the new electoral law was passed already on October 9, according to which, along side with the elections of Russian Constituent Assembly on November 12-14, new, 100-member Provincial Assembly was to be elected.

Right to vote was given to every 20 year-old and older man and woman, who was Estonian resident.

On October 12, 1917, the board of the Provincial Assembly and the Provincial Government were reelected. The new head of the Provincial Assembly was Otto Strandman (see image), the head of the Provisional Government was radical democrat Konstantin Päts. At the same time, the situation in the capital Petrograd escalated, and the atmosphere was full of anticipation of the revolution.

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