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15. March 1934

On March 15, Päts held a speech in Parliament. He accused the Vaps of undermining the state, threatening their opposition, preparing for revolution and of a apparent desire to seize power in the country. Apparently, the government reacted on the very last moment. Among other things, the Head of State claimed that the nation, aroused by Vaps' propaganda, is now the victim of mass psychosis, which obstructs it acting as the highest power in the state.

The people and all the political parties, except the Vaps, agreed to the steps the government had taken. On March 16, the Parliament officially confirmed government's decisions from March 12. Aggressive propaganda had obviously worn the nation out, also they believed the accusations made against the Union. All anti-democratic limitations were seen as temporary means, which are annulled in 6 months time, after the state of emergency had ended.

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