Hupel becomes the minister of Äksi congregation

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13. January 1760

After becoming the minister of Äksi, Hupel married the widow of former pastor Dehn. She was ten years older than him. It was a usual practice at that time, that the new man who took up the work of the previous minister also had to support the family of his predecessor. Hupels' first marriage was short lived: in the April of 1761, his wife died, in 1762 their one year old son perished.

As the pastor of Äksi, Hupel gained good reputation, and already in 1764 he was invited to the congregations of Võnnu and Põltsamaa. After considering shortly, he chose Põltsamaa; there an estate owner called Woldemar Johann von Lauw was enhancing the local life: he built a Rococo mansion to Põltsamaa, founded numerous manufactures and was very education minded. Hupel worked in Põltsamaa for 40 years.

Source: Indrek Jürjo. Liivimaa valgustaja August Wilhelm Hupel 1737-1819. Tallinn: Riigiarhiiv, 2004.


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