Nikolai II and Wilhelm II in Paldiski

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23. June 1912

In June 1912 the emperor Nikolai was again in Paldiski to meet Wilhelm II. On the Russian side the emperor's company included the Prime Minister Kokovtsev, foreign minister Sergei Sazonov, war minister Suhhomlimov and several other important state officials.

 On the German side the chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg was also present. On 23 June the meeting of emperors was held. The Germans pursued to avoid the aggravation of the relations with Germany, as they were not ready for war. Nikolai II remained also after the meeting of emperors for some time to Paldiski.

On 29 June he put a cornerstone to the new Russian navy base in Tallinn.
Nikolai II also stayed later in several times in Estonia, but mostly on short visits, for example he was on the cruiser "Rjurik" in Tallinn on 4 July 1913 and observed the manoeuvres of the Russian fleet.

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