Complete victory of the Swedes under Narva

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21. November 1700

The Swedish army lost 700 men in the battle as dead and 2000 as wounded which made total of 18% of the total number of troops. The losses of the Russians involved 8000-9000 dead and wounded which made 21-26% of the total number of army men.

The Swedes imprisoned all higher commanders of Russia together with ten generals, the military cash of the Russian army with 32 000 roubles and 177 cannons with mortars and howitzers. The battlefield offered an extremely horrible picture: the gut dead bodies and horse bodies were lying everywhere with all kinds of left equipment. In places the land was evenly covered with human bodies.

The ones shot lightly left the battlefield on their own feet , seriously wounded though died of blood loss or cold night weather. The Swedish soldiers, citizens of Narva and the peasants taken along plundered the dead bodies: gold, silver, jewellery, expensive tableware, fur coats. The wounded were transported to Narva bit by bit where the main treatment was the amputation and surgical cut to eliminate the bullets, bone pieces, stone pieces and other similar objects.

The bleeding was stopped by burning with hot iron. The amputated leg was sewn together and covered with the bovine bladder. On 21 November 1700 the king Karl XII entered festively to Narva where all citizens welcomed him as the rescuer. The thanksgiving religious services were held. Major victory party with fireworks was organized in Stockholm in February 1701.

The victory in Narva made the king more self-confident and encouraged him to continue the war.

Source: Eesti ajalugu. IV, Põhjasõjast pärisorjuse kaotamiseni. Tartu: Ilmamaa. 2003
Eesti ajaloo atlas. Tallinn: Avita, 2006.


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