Special arrangements to establish bases

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02. October 1939

To make additional arrangements, Estonia and the USSR formed military delegations, which were lead by, respectively, the Chief of Staff, general lieutenant Nikolai Reek and Chief of Leningrad Militaty District, 2. degree army commander Kirill Meretskov (image: on the left).

Tense negotiations took place in Tallinn, from October 2-10, 1939.
Soviet side acted very arrogantly and presented very resolute demands, clearly exceeding the mutual aid pact and its additional protocol. Estonia tried to defend itself by leaning on juridical treaties and documents.

Eight protocols were signed from October 8-11, specifying the bringing in of the army and the locations of Red Army's naval-, air- and coastal forces. The Soviet Russia received the right to build coastal- and air defense batteries, also supervision- and communications outposts to defend their naval bases. Soviet military ships were allowed to use Tallinn and Rohuküla ports for two years. Seventh protocol claimed all information about the bases to be a war secret.

Soviet forces were to begin their march into Estonia on October 18.

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