The founding of Riga.

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The second war against the people settled on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, begun in 1200. Bishop Albert arrived with 23 ships and 500 men to Väina (Daugava) River, to launch his first campaign.
Taking the interests of the German merchants into account, the construction of town of Riga began already in 1201 . It was built on the old Livonian trade settlement on branch of the Rige River.

Riga became the residence of the bishop and site of the Dome Church. With the church, all captured land was devoted to Virgin Mary, and therefore, later, the area of Estonia and Latvia was called the Land of Mary ("Maarjamaa"). After the construction his residence had been finished, Albert claimed the title "The Bishop of Riga". Riga became one of the major strongholds in the war against the Estonians and the Livonians.


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