Laidoner's Decree on the Landeswehr

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03. June 1919

Leader of Estonian People's Army, Johan Laidoner, published a very resolute directive, which demanded the German troops to pull back to the line of Koiva (Gauja) River rivermouth-Sigulda-Vecpiebalga-Jaungulbene.

Armed trains were ordered to capture Ieriki (Ramotskoje)-Vecpiebalga railway line. On June 4, the Cief of Staff of the 3rd Division of People's Army, lieutenant colonel Nikolai Reek (see image) participated in negotiations with the Landeswehr in Võnnu, and presented them an ultimatum: if the Germans do not pull back to the line pointed out in Laidoner's directive, Germans will be treated as enemies.

In addition, Estonia protested over the atrocities carried out by German troops in Latgallia. Germans had also interrupted the overall mobilization initiated by Ulmanis, which was condemned. The meeting had no outcome and potential allies were turning into enemies, due to miscalculations from both sides.

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