Volmaris' arrangement

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In 1546, the Volmaris' agreement was made between the archbishop of Riga and other classes of Livonia, to stop the history from repeating itself: in 1530, the noble coadjutor of the archbishop, Wilhelm, began creating confusion in Livonia with the help of his strong relatives.

Thus, in 1546, the Order established that Wilhelm, who meanwhile had become the archbishop, was allowed to appoint himself a coadjutor of a noble heritage only if other classes in Livonia agreed. This demand stood for other landlords as well, but was mainly meant for the archbishop.

In return, the Order reinstated the Salaspils treaty; since 1526 the archbishop had not really had any power over the town of Riga. It was hoped, that the Volmaris' agreement ends the rivalry between the Order and the archbishop, but the coadjutor conflict 10 years later showed that this was only a truce.

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