The Noble Corporation of Estonia decides to abolish serfdom

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From the viewpoint of the central government, Estonia had biggest problems, as there the laws were very modest and farmers extremely discontented.

Therefore, already in 1808, Alexander I gave an order to draw up new laws, which would equalize Estonia and Livonia. New commission began its work, majority of its members had been part of the process of developing Livonian laws.

In 1810, the Noble Corporation of Estonia received an order to present their own law alterations on the following year. Estonians did so, and among other things the idea to grant personal freedom to the farmers was presented.

The czar approved this plan in 1812, but its implementation was halted by French-Russian war, which began on the same year, and all domestic issues were put on hold for few years.

Source: Eesti ajalugu. IV: Põhjasõjast pärisorjuse kaotamiseni, lk-d 203–211.

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