The winter with the most snow during the past past few decades

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22. February 2010

In the morning of February 22, at 8 AM, Alajõe observatory on the northern bank of Lake Peipsi, measured 76 cm of snow depth, thus marking the snow record of 2010 in Estonia.
On February 24, 2 cm more were measured on Jõhvi - 78 cm.

By the beginning of March 2010, 200,000 m3 had been towed away from Tallinn, accounting for 13,000 car loads. If these loads were to be put down in a row, they would reach Pärnu, told the vice mayor of Tallinn.
Estonia's snow record of February was measured in 1966, in Kunda - 87 cm.
Meteorologist Milvi Sander said, that during the winter of 2009/10, snow came down already in the end of November in the North-Eastern Estonia, and in the beginning and middle of December elsewhere. Until the middle of March 2010, the weather had not turned to thaw; last time such a snow-plenty winter was seen, was in 1986-87. The the permanent snow came down in the middle of December and lasted until the end of March, beginning of April.
One of the snow records took place during the very same winter: on March 5, 1987 observers in Haanja station measured the depth of snow to be 115 cm. Milvi Sander explains, that this was the result of a single measuring - to calculate the average depth of the snow, observers take up to 100 measures on the flat fields near the observatory. The average depth of snow that winter was 63 cm.

In February 2010, the weight of the snow collapsed several roofs all over Estonia.


Image source: I. Mägi

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