The first conference of the Baltic countries.

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14. September 1919

On September 14, the first Baltic conference was assembled with the goal of determining the readiness for a joint truce with the Soviet Union.

Despite expressing a desire for peace, Estonia was the only attending country with an actual interest for it. Finland, Latvia and Lithuania decided to wait and see. But the decision of the Estonian government to go and meet the Bolsheviks was met with approval, for it would help to discover the true aims of Moscow.

The Estonian delegation was to let the Russians know about wish of the Baltic countries to open negotiations, and if it was acceptable, to name a date and time for them to take place. However, the Finish delegation refused to sign the protocol of the conference. In conclusion, it could be said that the development of a more general cooperation between the Baltic countries failed in the fall of 1919.

The Atlantic countries were even more cautious about Estonia's efforts towards peace. When Great Britain confirmed, at least in words, that Estonia had the choice of deciding over war or peace, France proclaimed an ultimatum, that if a truce was formed with the Bolsheviks, France would impose and embargo on Estonia. Also the USA did not support the talks.

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