Decease of Lennart Meri

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14. March 2006

Lennart Meri died of brain oedema caused by malicious tumour of brain on 14 March 2006 and has been buried to Metsakalmistu.

As a charismatic personality and witty spokesman Lennart Meri acquired a lot of attention and recognition all over the world for himself as well as for his fatherland. His creative nature and language skills helped to mitigate the stereotypes common as to the nations behind the iron curtain.

He was the honorary doctor of several universities and the bearer of the honorary decoration of many countries and was awarded with many important prizes and titles both at home and abroad. He was also the patron and initiator of many thankworthy undertakings.

Since 2001 he was the member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

The versatile and large-scale activities of Lennart Meri remain a bright page in the Estonian newer history and deserve without doubt further attention and deciphering also in the international context.

Meri was a radiant and witty personality. He was a full-blooded European who as an erudite knew the surrounding time and room in detail and could therefore influence its era.

This is the possibility of fate presuming sense of responsibility and size of spirit which comes upon only the few.

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