Andreas Knopken starts preaching in Riga

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September 1521

In summer 1521 the doctrine of Martin Luther was probably completely unknown in Livonia, then already in the autumn of the same year the situation changed. Andreas Knopken, the minister having been in Germany for years returned to Riga who had taken the side of the supporters of Luther and soon received a permit to preach in Riga according to the new doctrine.

This could be considered the direct beginning of reformation in Livonia, but at first all more important political forces remained in the reserved position regarding the reform of religion.
Knopken was the first Lutheran preacher in Livonia, a year after his activities the second added: Sylvester Tegetmeyer. On the photo: Dome Church in Riga.

The main plane of reformation expanded considerably in Riga from autumn 1522 when in addition to Knopken the other and considerably more radical reformer Sylvester Tegetmeyer started to preach in Riga. At the end of 1522 the town council of Riga gave both the right to hold regular sermons. By that time some members of the town council had already gone over to the new doctrine.

Source:Eesti ajalugu. II, Eesti keskaeg. 1937.


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