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January 2012

Deadline: 31 March 2012

Participants: All people interested in the Estonian history are invited to the competition, regardless of their citizenship, mother tongue or age.
The citizens of the third countries of Europe are especially expected (i.e. the citizens who have no citizenship of the European Union, membership country of the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein) or Swiss Confederation) or the people with unspecified citizenship.

Organizer: Non-Governmental Organization Eesti Elava Ajaloo Keskus and historical online-environment Histrodamus (www.histrodamus.ee)

The aim of the competition is to emphasize the success stories of the Estonian history. The stories handling the outstanding or extraordinary events of the Estonian history in positive sense are foremost expected to the competition.

The meaning of the "Positive Estonian history" is left by the organizers of the competition to be decided by each participant. No topical restrictions exist. The participants can write about politics, economy, culture, education, science, sport, but also about individuals. The works about any period from the ancient times up to this day are welcome.

The topics which have not yet been handled in Histrodamus online-environment are preferred, but the presentation of additions and new viewpoints to already existing stories is also not prohibited.

- All works to be submitted should proceed from the format of Histrodamus online-environment: each story starts with introduction and has been divided into events. Every event should have the specified date and geographical location. As a sample see:
- To illustrate and complete every event it is recommendable (but not obligatory) to use photos, drawings, audiofiles or videoclips.
- The correct references to the used source materials, also the list of used printed publications, manuscripts, archival materials and etc is required.
- It is important that the works were presented in neutral investigative tone. The propagandistic and influenced works will be disqualified.
- The works can be presented in Estonian, Russian as well as in English.

ASSESSMENT is based on ideas, creativity, integrity, composition, substance of information to be submitted, relevance, competence and correctness of performance.
The submitter of the work has to attach the confirmation that he/she is the author of this work to the work presented to the competition. The author has to refer to the used sources and if pictures or other material have been attached to the presented work, to their authorship.

The works are assessed in two age groups:
1) pupils
2) adults (incl students)

The works are assessed by 5-member committee consisting of the members of the editing office and chamber of Histrodamus. The decision of the committee is final and is not subject to contestation. The awards/certificates of honour are issued for the best four of each category.

The members of the committee are the following:
Mati Laur (Tartu University, member of the chamber of Histrodamus),
Anti Selart (Tartu University, member of the chamber of Histrodamus),
Veiko Berendsen (Webmedia Group AS, member of the chamber of Histrodamus),
Kristjan Kaljusaar (content editor, Histrodamus),
Jaanus Vihand (responsible publisher, Histrodamus).

All competition works/stories suitable and compliant with the format of Histrodamus will be translated and also published in Histrodamus in Estonian, Russian and English under the separate sector "Positive Estonian history":
Estonian: http://www.histrodamus.ee/?event=Show_main_layers&lang=est
Russian: http://www.histrodamus.ee/index.php?event=Show_main_layers&lang=rus
English: http://www.histrodamus.ee/index.php?event=Show_main_layers&lang=eng


By participating in the competition the author gives his/her agreement for publishing the work presented to the competition in web environment www.histrodamus.ee and, if required, for its prior editing (linguistic editing, shortening, additional illustration etc).
NGO Eesti Elava Ajaloo Keskus has the right to use the work for the non-commercial purposes in the meaning of § 19 of Copyright Act without the author's agreement and remuneration.

THE WINNERS ARE DISCLOSED in Histrodamus forum, Facebook pages of Histrodamus, Twitter account of Histrodamus and in myHistro.com. The names of the winners are also published in Russian publication of Postimees. The winners are contacted also by e-mail or phone. The award ceremony will take place on 30 April in Tehnopolis (Mäealuse 4, Tallinn).

1. Present your work in the common text editor (Microsoft Word recommended) or print it out on A4 format papers.
2. Send or bring your work to the publishing office of Histrodamus by 31 March
to e-mail address: info@eestiajalugu.ee
or postal address: Ehitajate tee 114 a; Tallinn, Haabersti delivery centre, P.O. Box 4666
3. Provide clearly the following information in the cover letter of the work:
• first name and surname of the author
• if pupil, age and name of the school
• contact phone number and e-mail or postal address

Sponsors: The competition is organized upon the financing of the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals, Ministry of Culture and Integration and Migration Foundation Our People programme "Common media field and equal treatment".

Additional information on the competition:
Katri Ristal, communication manager of the competition - katri@eestiajalugu.ee
Jaanus Vihand, responsible publisher, Histrodamus - jaanus@eestiajalugu.ee
Histrodamus forum: http://www.histrodamus.ee/?event=Show_forum&forum_id=55&lang=est
Histrodamus Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Histrodamus/336676053028571
myHistro environment: http://beta.myhistro.com/user-profile/1414
Twitter page of Histrodamus: @Histrodamus



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