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  • The Baltic Crusade in Estonia

    The subdual of the Estonians in the beginning of XIII century was part of a larger campaign on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, launched against nations that had remained as the last pagan people in Europe. In Estonia, the Baltic Crusade is known as „The Fight for Freedom"/"The Freedom … Continue reading

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  • Campaigns of Yaroslav the Wise and his successors to Estonia (1030-1061)

    Conquests of the princes of Old-Russia during the XI century seemed to have a clear goal: to subordinate Estonia to their rule. Not only did they pillage and loot, but also built strongholds, e.g. Yuryev's fort onto the location of Tartu, and gathered tribute. The whole campaign, lasting for 30 … Continue reading

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  • The October Revolution of 1917 and Estonia

    By taking advantage of the political instability and ever diminishing popularity of the Provisional Government, the Workers and Soldiers Soviets, lead by the Bolsheviks, seized the power Petrograd in autumn 1917. The coup also affected Estonia, where the local Soviets came to power. Estonian … Continue reading

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  • Red terror in Estonia in the years 1940-1941

    The repressions against the local elite started here already before the annexation of Estonia by the Soviet Union. In 1941 the number of arrests and executions increased. On 14 June 1941 the Soviet security forces organized the first mass deportation of the Estonian people to Siberia, more than 10 … Continue reading

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